Kombucha & Raw Food: A Taste of Paradise.



8am - 8pm Every Day!



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Maui Kombucha

You've never had kombucha until you've had Maui Kombucha! Our nectar for the gods is artfully brewed to deliver you an effervescent, bubbly, zesty, tastebud-popping-delicious beverage loaded with benefits for your body and your spirit. Don't believe it? Stop by and ask for a taste: you'll be hooked! Don't know what all this talk about kombucha means? Find out more here.

Raw Vegan Fusion

Think Maui Kombucha is just about kombucha? Think again! Our original cafe in Haiku has some of the best cuisine on the planet! A fresh daily menu offers a full assortment of raw vegan and cooked vegan dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our food is so delicious, simple, and good for you everyone's asking: what's the secret ingredient? Wouldn't you like to know?


Find us on Facebook for the freshest daily menus, booch flavors of the day, and all the latest hilarious happenings at Maui Kombucha. Click on our Facebook link below to "Like" us! And be sure to check out our Menus page for a glimpse of the latest daily menu, always posted up on the great Book of Face.

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