Local Organic Maui Farms that supply the ingredients at Maui Kombucha in Maui, Hawaii.

Local Maui Farms: Where our food comes from...

Maui Kombucha strives to provide our customers with the highest in nourishment and a place of community. We are so grateful to the local people who work hard to help us make these goals a reality by providing us with the best in local ingredients and a thriving network of creative local economy. Mahalo!

Aina Mamoa


Ben Leader


David Elberg


Espresso Tech


Flower Alchemy


Hale Akua Farms


JK Organics


Maui Grown Tomatoes


Wicked Farms


Auwahi Farms


Maui Honey




Sam Rosenbaum


Scents of Knowing


Shane Santos Family Farm


Sustainable Island Products


Waihee Valley Plantation


13 Moons Farm


Al & Joanie's Wheatgrass Shack


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